Knock, knock. The doctor softly knocked with his hammer on a 6-year-old boy’s knees. A typical psyche-test procedure in the 19-eighties.

“We can’t pass him to the standard school. You will need to put him in the school for mentally handicapped”, the boy heard the doctor saying to his mother.

“No,” the mother fiercely responded, “he will not go there! He will go to the normal school!” And he went. In later years, he wrecked many relationships while learning to use emotions as a tool rather than a flamethrower. Gradually he was progressing.

I am happy I have the gift…

From the left: .Cocoon COO Hristo, .Cocoon Ventures founding partner Aleksander and .Cocoon CEO Ansis building an ad-hoc bridge together

How can I focus on my duties if my co-founder is constantly annoying me?

Productivity, synergy, creativity? Forget it! How can I do it when he kills my motivation with his way of being?

Founders are trying to ignore the feelings and push themselves to work despite the mood. But that is like postponing an escalating problem. A broken relationship will scare away potential investors and demotivate the team.

There is a better way.

You can improve the relationship. In this essay, I will show you how to do it from the personal side. …

Cocoon CEO Ansis and COO Hristo hiking in nature

(This essay is republished from my business blog, source here.)

The essay is for entrepreneurs who have perceived the occasional feeling of emptiness in their work, the anxiety about the meaning of doing business. We need to start with a brief detour to look at the theme of addictions.

Addiction as a shield

Lexico describes addiction as “The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.”

We use things, substances, activities and people to disconnect from certain feelings and emotions. Addiction serves as a shield from feelings and emotions that we might perceive as negative or painful and tend to…

Cocoons in Cesis, Latvia

Imagine that in another galaxy lives an alien X. She and other beings on this planet unconditionally value and accept themselves from the moment of birth and throughout all their life. Their income is also guaranteed to sustain their needs for food, shelter, joy, and expression.

One day X visits planet Earth and notices you. She starts to observe you from a distance and keeps doing it for a year. Then she is amused enough and comes in contact with you.

She asks you — why do you do those things you do? …

Usually, we live with the illusion that the life will go on forever. We postpone things, including important conversations with our parents.

Now such thinking about an unlimited time luxury is foolishness because our parents are in the high-risk group regarding the coronavirus epidemy.

Therefore, don’t postpone it anymore. Talk with your parents now. One-on-one. By a call or video call if you can’t meet them physically now because of the quarantine terms and common sense.

Talk about what?

  1. Tell what’s accumulated. Don’t stay with secrets. Including, tell them how it was to grow up with them. …

With my father in a roadside chaihana in Uzbekistan

I am frightened. I hear aggressive roaring, see two hateful eyes, and two tusks rushing onto me. It is a huge wild boar that will kill me in second. And it’s running after me out of the wall beside my bed. I wake up from the dream screaming in panic and trembling.

I was five then. I had a memory from that time. Now I only have a memory that I had that memory. In that memory, I had a 1-second long video-style memory of my father drunk, yelling, throwing bottles and beating my mother.

Hate. That’s all I felt…

After several burnouts, I’ve learned one simple technique that has proven to be effective, and I wish to share it. That is SO simple that it is self-obvious, yet, it took me some time to apply it in my life. If you, the reader, are not so stubborn then I am, then this advice, of course, will not add any new value for you.

The formula is: When I feel that burnout is approaching, I do XYZ.

  1. Feel that burnout is approaching — the early signs in my case are:
  • During the day I observe that I’m staring on the…

Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

There’s a memory in my conscious. I don’t remember the exact circumstances nor my age, but I do remember who told it to me several times and that I was a small kid back then. The memory is of an older lady scolding me for some (in her perception perceived) not good enough performance and including the phrase “what others will think!”.

To the hell! What others will think! Can’t you understand that your value, your whole life depends on what the old lady who lives 2 houses further will think? And that older man who sometimes is seen drunk…

Šī ir raksta 2.D. nodaļa. Sākums šeit . Ja neesi lasījis, ļoti vēlams sākt ar to. Izdomāju apkopot atlikušās 3 nodaļas par ķermeni vienā. Tās gan vēl nebūs stāsta beigas, jo pēc tam sekos vēl divas lielās daļas (dvēsele, gars).

Turpinām ceļu uz veselības atgūšanu!


Sadaļā par miegu es izteikšos īsi un amatieriski, jo 1) latviešu valodā ir gana daudz labu resursu, 2) manas zināšanas šeit ir ierobežotas, padalīšos tikai ar pieredzi un viedokli īsumā.

Galvenais, ko vēlos pateikt — miegs ir ļoti (piecas izsaukuma zīmes) svarīgs un miegs nepieciešams pietiekamā apjomā un dziļš / kvalitatīvs:

  • Nepieciešamais apjoms. Veselam cilvēkam…

Daba ārstē!

Šī ir raksta 2.C. nodaļa. Sākums šeit. Ja neesi lasījis, vēlams sākt ar to.

Vēlos Tev uzsvērt dažas ļoti svarīgas lietas saistībā ar šo nodaļu:

  • Es neesmu mediķis. Tev ir ļoti kritiski jāvērtē viss šajā nodaļā rakstītais vairāku iemeslu dēļ: 1. Tev var būt kādas specifiskas saslimšanas vai alerģijas, kuru dēļ Tu nedrīksti lietot kādas no minētajām lietām. Tādēļ ir absolūti svarīgi veikt papildus izpēti pašam — meklēt internetā info, jautāt viedokli mediķiem un citiem cilvēkiem. 2. Varbūt Tu lieto kādus medikamentus, kas var veidot nevēlamas mijiedarbības ar minētajām vielām. Uzmanīgi lasi šo medikamentu lietošanas instrukcijas.
  • Nelieto alkoholu, ja lieto…

Ansis Farhad Līpenītis

.Cocoon CEO — supporting founders self-discovery and business growth —

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